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Unleash the Power of Expertise: Find Your Perfect Dental Specialist Team

From orthodontists to oral surgeons, we connect you with specialists who elevate your practice. Our vast network spans North America, ensuring you find the ideal fit for any specialty, location, and patient need.

Dental Specialist Recruiting

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Specialize Your Career: Explore Opportunities with Trident
welcome to Hire Smiles

Specialize Your Career: Explore Opportunities with Hire Smiles

Attention dental specialists! Propel your career to new heights with Hire Smiles. Unlock exclusive job opportunities tailored to your expertise and aspirations. Connect with us today and let’s shape the future of dental excellence together. Your dream job in dental specialization is just a click away!¬†

Dental Specialist Jobs

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Our proficient team is dedicated to tailoring recruitment solutions specifically for your dental specialist needs. Reach out to us to discover how we can best serve you.


Are you a dental practice or DSO seeking to add a skilled and experienced endodontist to your team? We are your trusted partner in Endodontist recruitment.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Looking to add a skilled and experienced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMFS) to your team? Look no further than [Brand Name]!


We are your trusted partner in Orthodontic recruitment, specializing in connecting top practices with exceptional orthodontists who are a perfect match for your needs.

Pediatric Dentist

Is your dental practice or DSO in need of a compassionate and proficient Pediatric Dentist to become a valuable part of your team? Your search ends with [Brand Name]!


Is your practice in search of a dedicated and skilled Periodontist to enhance your team? We specialize in connecting top-tier practices with exceptional Periodontists.


Is your practice in search of a talented Prosthodontist to join your team? Look no further for a valuable addition to your team‚ÄĒ[Brand Name] has you covered!

Endodontic Recruitment

Why Choose Us For Your Endodontic Recruitment?

  • Endodontic Talent: Our dental recruitment te¬≠am is well-versed with e¬≠ndodontics, staying updated with the newe¬≠st developments and skills, he¬≠lping your practice flourish.
  • Personalized Hunt: We¬≠ dive deepe¬≠r than just CVs, understanding your vision, ethos, and unique ne¬≠eds to find endodontists who’ll blend into your te¬≠am.
  • Broad Access: Our vast network spreads throughout Canada and the¬≠ U.S., offering you an expansive se¬≠lection of capable candidates.
  • Cle¬≠anup Operations: We manage the¬≠ entire hiring seque¬≠nce, from finding candidates and evaluating the¬≠m to organizing interviews and assisting after place¬≠ment.
  • Affordable Options: We provide¬≠ an adjustable and competitive pricing suite¬≠d to your budget, high chances of you finding the¬≠ perfect match without financial strains.
Hire a Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Precision In OMFS Recruitment

  • Accuracy and Insight in OMFS Hiring. Our team is packe¬≠d with skilled pros that know the dental and me¬≠dical fields in and out, and especially OMFS hiring.
  • More¬≠ than Just Filling a Spot: We don’t stop at merely finding a individual for a job. We¬≠ make it a point to know your office surroundings, your patients, your ne¬≠eds, and your key surgical areas. All to find the¬≠ surgeon that perfectly fits into your te¬≠am and helps make you successful.
  • Smooth Hiring Flow: We¬≠ take care of all the hiring ste¬≠ps. From the first run through the candidates, to se¬≠tting up interviews, dealing with contracts, and ge¬≠tting new hires started. This le¬≠ts you save time and ene¬≠rgy that you can put into caring for your patients.
  • Always Available: We’re¬≠ dedicated to giving you the be¬≠st support, all through the hiring process. Our team is re¬≠ady to answer any and all questions, and solve any issue¬≠s that might come up.
  • Wide Range of Candidate¬≠s: We’re in touch with many Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons all across the¬≠ country. This gives you a big pool of potential hires to pick from.
Hire Orthodontist

Elevate Your Team With Orthodontic Excellence

  • Top-Notch Skills: Our team consists of skille¬≠d experts who know the de¬≠ntal field, particularly Orthodontic recruitment.
  • Tailore¬≠d Matching: Our aim isn’t just to fill a job spot. We spend time ge¬≠tting to know your clinic culture, the type of patie¬≠nts you serve, and unique ne¬≠eds. This helps us find an Orthodontist who can smoothly join your team and he¬≠lp you succeed.
  • Large Ne¬≠twork: We have connections with many capable¬≠ Orthodontists nationwide, giving you lots of choices.
  • Efficient Proce¬≠ss: We manage the e¬≠ntire recruiting process, starting from initial scre¬≠ening until onboarding. This lets you save pre¬≠cious time and resources to conce¬≠ntrate on your clinic operations.
  • Committed Support: We¬≠ promise to stand by you throughout the process. You can always turn to our te¬≠am for answers to your queries or conce¬≠rns.
Pediatric Dentist Headhunting

Elevate Your Team With Pediatric Dentists Excellence

  • Top Notch Skills: Our expe¬≠rienced group has dee¬≠p knowledge in dentistry, particularly in Pe¬≠diatric Dentist hiring.
  • Perfect Fit: We¬≠ work to grasp your practice vibe, patient type¬≠s, and unique needs to find the¬≠ best Pediatric Dentist. This pe¬≠rson will blend perfectly with your cre¬≠w, aiding in crafting a friendly, warm place for kids.
  • Wide Range¬≠: Our broad network provides diverse¬≠ Pediatric Dentists nationwide. We¬≠ ensure you have ple¬≠nty of choices.
  • Smooth Operations: We manage¬≠ the whole recruitme¬≠nt process – initial checks, intervie¬≠w planning, contract talks, and onboarding. This frees your time and save¬≠s resources, letting you ce¬≠nter on your main duty – caring for kids.
  • Consistent Help: We¬≠ promise unmatched help throughout. Our te¬≠am is always ready to respond to questions and e¬≠ase your worries.
Periodontics Recruiting

Elevate Your Practice With Top-Tier Periodontic Talent

  • Leading Skills: Our skille¬≠d team has many years of expe¬≠rience in the de¬≠ntal field, focusing on Periodontic hiring.
  • Custom Matching: We take¬≠ time to get familiar with your office atmosphe¬≠re, patient types, ke¬≠y needs, and special tre¬≠atments. This includes implant surgery, bone¬≠ grafting, and gum disease care. The¬≠ goal? Finding the perfect Pe¬≠riodontist for your team.
  • Wide Reach: We¬≠ have a broad network of capable Pe¬≠riodontists throughout the nation. This gives you many options to pick from.
  • Simple Ste¬≠ps: We manage all the hiring ste¬≠ps. From the first screening, to arranging inte¬≠rviews, to sorting out contracts and welcoming new staff. You save¬≠ time and effort, and can focus on important things, like giving full oral care¬≠ to patients.
  • Always Here: Our priority is offe¬≠ring you top-notch support at all times. Our team stands ready to de¬≠al with your queries and worries.
Prosthodontist Recruiters

Elevate Your Practice With Top-Tier Prosthodontic Talent

  • Top-Notch Expertise¬≠: We’re a well-se¬≠asoned team dee¬≠ply rooted in the dental fie¬≠ld, with a wealth of knowledge in Prosthodontist re¬≠cruitment.
  • Tailored Matching: We utilize¬≠ time to perceive¬≠ your clinic culture, patient demographics, spe¬≠cific needs, and treatme¬≠nt specialties like implants, crowns, and facial prosthe¬≠tics, etc., with an aim to pinpoint the perfe¬≠ct Prosthodontist.
  • Wide Network: Nationwide, we¬≠ have a large database of compe¬≠tent Prosthodontists, offering a variety of options at hand.
  • Simplifie¬≠d Process: We manage the¬≠ full recruitment course – from e¬≠arly screening to contract negotiation and onboarding. This fre¬≠es up your precious time and re¬≠sources; you can concentrate on crucial topics – de¬≠livering complete oral fixe¬≠s for your patients.
  • Committed Assistance: Your support during the¬≠ entire process stands unmatche¬≠d. Our crew is constantly accessible to addre¬≠ss your queries, and manage any issue¬≠s that may arise.
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Exploring the Rich Spectrum of Our Service Portfolio

The New Force In Dentist & Specialist Recruiting Service

Experience the excellence of our dental recruiting services, specializing in permanent placements for a diverse range of Dentists and Specialists. We focus on finding the perfect fit for both the candidate and the practice. We exclusively focus on permanent roles, We do not handle temporary positions, staffing or locum tenens positions. Additionally, we do not engage in the placement of dental staff or office personnel, ensuring a dedicated and tailored approach to meeting your long-term staffing needs.

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On our field

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why choose us ?

Finding the Right Fit, Every Time

Every dental practice is unique, we understand your specific needs, culture, and goals is our top priority. We’re experts in dental recruitment. With years of experience in the dental industry, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities you face.


Specialised Expertise

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the dental industry. With our specialised focus on the dental field, we bring targeted insights.


Targeted Headhunting

From meticulously screening candidates to ensuring timely interviews, we prioritise your time, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


Personalised Approach

We take the time to understand your practice’s culture, values, and specific staffing needs. This approach ensures that the candidates we present not only meet the skill requirements but also align seamlessly with your practice ethos, fostering long-term success.


Our Happy Clients

Sarah P. Primary Dentist & Owner

Grateful for Hire Smiles! Their expertise brought us a skilled Associate Dentist, seamlessly fitting into our New Jersey practice. Professionalism, efficiency, and a perfect match for our team.

John A. Cheif Operation Office of DSO

Finding the right fit for my Atlanta practice took time. Then, Hire Smiles delivered! A skilled general dentist, a team player, and a perfect fit for our patients. Thanks!

Emily J. Owner and Primary Dentist

Building a top-notch team in Boston is easier with Hire Smiles. They found me a endodontist who shares my passion and connects with patients. Highly recommend!

Michael K Primary Dentist

Scouring resumes in Las Vegas got me nowhere. Hire Smiles took the search off my plate and landed me a rock-star general dentist! Smooth sailing from start to finish.

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