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Looking for skilled de¬≠ntal talent? It doesn’t have to be hard. We¬≠’re dental recruite¬≠rs! We connect top-notch dentists, spe¬≠cialists and hygienists with clinics aiming to raise their leve¬≠l of patient care, ultimately creating brighter smiles for everyone.

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Nurturing Talent, Fueling Growth

Welcome to Hire Smiles, as a rising North American dental employment agency. We redefine dental recruiting with tailored solutions to fuel your practice’s growth. Understanding the unique challenges of finding top-tier talent, we connect dental practices and DSOs with skilled and passionate dentists, hygienists, specialists, and other dental professionals who perfectly align with your practice culture and vision.

At Hire Smiles, we specialize in connecting smiles and strengthening practices. Our mission is to find dental talent who not only excel in their skills but also bring genuine smiles to the faces of your customers.

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Most Popular

General Dentist

Having trouble locating a general dentist who matches your practice’s standards and unde¬≠rstands your patient group? Don’t worry! Our committed recruitme¬≠nt squad stands ready to aid you.

Very Essential

Associate Dentist

At Hire Smiles, we specialize in connecting dental practices with exceptional associate dentists. We understand that every practice is unique, and has specific needs and goals.

Special Requirement

Graduate Dentist

At Hire Smiles, we understand the unique needs of graduate dentists. We are dedicated to providing you with the resources and support you need to hire talented graduate dentists.

Hire Dental Specialist

ready to find right Dental Specialist

Our proficient team is dedicated to tailoring recruitment solutions specifically for your dental specialist needs. Reach out to us to discover how we can best serve you.

Are you a dental practice or DSO seeking to add a skilled and experienced endodontist to your team? We are your trusted partner in Endodontist recruitment.
oral & maxillofacial surgeon

Looking to add a skilled and experienced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMFS) to your team? Look no further than Hire Smiles!


We are your trusted partner in Orthodontic recruitment, specializing in connecting top practices with exceptional orthodontists who are a perfect match for your needs.

Pediatric Dentist

Is your dental practice or DSO in need of a compassionate and proficient Pediatric Dentist to become a valuable part of your team? Your search ends with Hire Smiles!


Is your practice in search of a dedicated and skilled Periodontist to enhance your team? We specialize in connecting top-tier practices with exceptional Periodontists.


Is your practice in search of a talented Prosthodontist to join your team? Look no further for a valuable addition to your team‚ÄĒHire Smiles has you covered!


On our field

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why choose us ?

Finding the Right Fit, Every Time

Finding the right dental talent shouldn’t be a guessing game. It’s about igniting sparks, not sifting through ashes. It’s about unleashing the power of a perfect match, where expertise meets culture, and smiles reach their full potential.
That’s where we come in.
We’re not just a dental hiring agency. We’re your dental matchmakers, architects of thriving teams, and champions of a brighter future for your practice. Here’s why choosing us means choosing unmatched success:


Deep Understanding, Deeper Connections

We speak the language of dentistry. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of both practices and professionals.


Network of Excellence

Our reach extends far and wide. We boast a vast network of exceptional dental talent, from seasoned specialists to rising stars eager to contribute.


Beyond Resumes, Beyond Expectations

We dig deeper than resumes. We conduct rigorous assessments, in-depth interviews, and personality profiling to identify not just skills, but also cultural fit, communication styles, and shared values.

Shaping Futures, One Placement at a Time

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Find dental recruiting services in the Western US with Hire Smiles

West Region

Pacific | Mountain Regions

Find dental recruiting services in the Midwest US with Hire Smiles

Midwest Region

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South of US - Our Service Location

South Region

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East South Central | South Atlantic

Northeast - Our Service Location


New England | Middle Atlantic

Find dental recruiting services in the Canada nationwide with Hire Smiles



More About Our Services

The New Force In Dentist & Specialist Recruiting Service

Experience the excellence of our dental placement services, specializing in permanent placements for a diverse range of Dentists and Specialists. We focus on finding the perfect fit for both the candidate and the practice. We exclusively focus on permanent roles, We do not handle temporary positions, staffing or locum tenens positions. Additionally, we do not engage in the placement of dental staff or office personnel, ensuring a dedicated and tailored approach to meeting your long-term recruiting needs.

Roles We hire for

Roles We Dont hire
What we do
What We Dont Do

How do we work

Our Dental Recruiting Process

Step 1

Deep Dive & Target

Step 2

Screen & Assess Like a Hawk

Step 3

Matchmaking Maestro

Step 4

Negotiation Ninja

Step 5

Long-term Love Story


Our Happy Clients

Sarah P. Primary Dentist & Owner

Grateful for Hire Smiles! Their expertise brought us a skilled Associate Dentist, seamlessly fitting into our New Jersey practice. Professionalism, efficiency, and a perfect match for our team.

John A. Cheif Operation Office of DSO

Finding the right fit for my Atlanta practice took time. Then, Hire Smiles delivered! A skilled general dentist, a team player, and a perfect fit for our patients. Thanks!

Emily J. Owner and Primary Dentist

Building a top-notch team in Boston is easier with Hire Smiles. They found me a endodontist who shares my passion and connects with patients. Highly recommend!

Michael K Primary Dentist

Scouring resumes in Las Vegas got me nowhere. Hire Smiles took the search off my plate and landed me a rock-star general dentist! Smooth sailing from start to finish.

Ready to take your dental career to the next level?

Find your perfect fit with top dental practices and DSOs across North America. Let Hire Smiles connect you with exciting opportunities to showcase your skills and elevate your career.

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  • A clear understanding of your talent needs:¬†We’ll discuss your practice’s unique culture, growth goals, and ideal candidate profiles.
  • Expert insights on the dental recruitment landscape:¬†Learn about the latest trends and strategies for attracting top dental professionals.
  • A customized recruitment plan:¬†We’ll outline a tailored approach to find the perfect candidates who seamlessly integrate into your team.
  • Transparent next steps:¬†Get a clear understanding of our process and fees.

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